Why Concrete Repair Companies Use Linear Transverse Machines

The work of a concrete repair company is an interesting one. Projects in New York range greatly in both size and type. One project might be a customer’s concrete driveway in Albany that needs to be fixed. The next project might be a commercial sidewalk installation in front of a government building on Lark Street. In any case, concrete repair companies, like Albany Concrete Contractors, use linear transverse machines for air void testing to ensure that concrete does not lose much strength when it’s created with aggregate.

Concrete companies repair sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other surfaces by removing the damaged parts and pouring fresh concrete in its place. This concrete mix is often made up of geosynthetic aggregates, which include a combination of gravel, crushed stones, sand, and recycled concrete. By mixing and compacting these materials together, the contractors are able to get a solution that’s very strong and durable. However, after the concrete is molded and shaped in the correct manner, it should be tested for air pockets using specialized machinery.

As a leading concrete company in Albany, Albany Concrete Contractors tests for air voids in the concrete using a linear transverse machine. Air voids naturally occur during the process of mixing and setting the concrete. If the air bubbles are small, the concrete mix will remain strong because it keeps the water content low. But if the air bubbles are too big, the concrete weakens. These air pockets in the aggregate assist in protecting the surface from stress fractures related to expansion and contraction during cold weather. With the drastic weather changes in upstate New York between summer and winter, it’s crucial to have a foundation layer with solid compressive strength. As a result, it’s best to choose a company that knows what they’re doing.