Top AI Trends to Look Out for

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the latest technological frontier everyone is talking about. Leading companies and service providers across the world are vying for control over the latest AI technologies and strategies. As per a recent study, it has been revealed that a leading tech company named Alphabet has invested around $30 billion in the development of advanced AI technologies.

Given the fact that some of the major industries & organizations of the world are focused on boosting the overall AI technology, here are some of the common AI trends that can be observed in the given space:

  • AI will Become a Major Political Talking Ground: While Artificial Technologies might be helping in creating several jobs, it might also result in some of the individuals losing work in some areas. A recent study revealed that with the advent of the self-driving vehicles, it will result in around 25,000 auto drivers to lose their job each month across the world. With the latest focus being immigration & globalization, the world is going to observe the use & scope of AI as the hot, new political topic for discussion.


  • Greater Efficiency of the Logistics: Advanced companies like Kiva Systems –currently referred to as Amazon Robotics –is known for making use of the unique combination of advanced robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) towards providing the retailers with unmatched logistic experiences. Warehouses of the future times are no longer expected to be what is today –instead of being designed to fill in human packers, the warehouses will be now built for high-end, capable robots that are able to work 24/7 and might not require lighting for doing their work.


  • Launching of the Self-Driving Cars: Tesla has marked itself to be the first-ever leading car manufacturing company in the world that has launched the self-driving vehicle. Taking this league forward, the leading car & automobile manufacturers around the world will be now on the verge of launching high-tech self-driving cars. For instance, the latest model of the Audi A8 is supposed to be featuring self-driving AI-empowered technology like being capable of safely shuttling humans without any human input.


  • Advent of Machine Learning: While there are genuine concerns that the introduction of AI in the workforce area might lead to the loss of job of several workers, AI technology also comes with the ability to help employees, particularly those in the knowledge field of work. Through high-end machine learning tools like Chorus, Gong, and so more, the calls made by customer care & sales representatives get recorded easily. As such, this technology can be of immense help in coaching the customer-facing workers & service providers towards enhancing the overall customer experience.


  • Creation of AI-powered Content: Leading brands like CBS, USA Today, and others are already making use of AI technology towards creating content. This saves ample time & efforts in doing the research and putting it down in the form of physical content.


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