Pest Offense Electronic Pest Repeller

Walmart has come out with a new device that I never thought I’d see on the shelves, so get a load of this one…It’s an electronic device that supposedly keeps pests and rodents away.

pest control device

It has a computer chip and microprocessor built into it that emits electronic signals that are said to deter rodents and pests from coming into your home.  This special technology has a patent and is said to work very well, according to Walmart reviews, but it sounds fishy.  Pulsation devices exist, but how effective are they for this purpose?

The selling points for this device are being able to use something that runs continuously, uses very little energy, doesn’t cost much, and does not require chemicals being sprayed in the area.  It’s a simple plug and play device that goes right into the wall outlet.

Very surprising to me, it’s rated at 3.7 stars from a total of 5.  The highest raters suggests buying multiple devices to plug into each outlet around the house to protect the whole area.  The reviews at the top are just too perfect when you read them.  It sounds like the company paid for some fake reviews.  Do you buy the idea that this product can work that well?  Our friends at Banish Pest Control do that their work for a living, and they still end up at the homes of people with these types of devices.  I wonder why that could be.  However, we won’t make a decisive call on this one – we leave that for you as the reader to decide.