Late on this one…but the Droid Turbo 2

We may be a little late on this post, but it really shows how far technology has come even in the past few years.

The Motorola DROID was an internet and multimedia enabled Smartphone created by Motorola and powered by Google’s Android Operating System.  The combo of Verizon’s wireless network and Google’s stellar processor made this phone one of the fastest ways to surf the Web at the time of its release.  It was equipped with a touch screen and a thin slide out keyboard to fit any user’s preference. If you didn’t want to type, you could use Google’s Search by Voice Feature (this was new technology then).  DROID let its users’ navigate up to six different apps at once and let you view alerts on an expandable notification panel, so your work was never interrupted.  DROID was outfitted with a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera and DVD quality video capture.

The Benefits:

  • Flexible software platform designed to deliver a more personal feel. Well suited for advanced web services, e-mail, social networking and entertainment.
  • Ability to run multiple apps quickly
  • Large, high quality video display
  • Ability to take high quality photos
  • DROID can be hands-free
  • Unlimited music at your fingertips
  • 1000’s of apps and 100’s of widgets available on the Android Market

The Sales Objections:

  1. The Droid costs too much money!
    1. If you buy online, the Droid was only $269.99 with a 1 year contract or $199.99 with a 2 year contract.
  2. I don’t like the touch screen.
    1. The Droid has a keyboard in addition to the touch screen.  All you have to do is flip it open and you can type.
  3. The Droid weighs too much.
    1. The Droid weighs 169 grams. The extra weight is due to the addition of a full QWERTY keyboard, instead of just a touch screen.

So that’s the Droid, which originally came out on November 6, 2009.  7 years later, technology has changed…a lot.

Ready to hear about the new Motorola Droid Turbo 2.  This is being touted as the first phone to ever have a shatterproof screen.  With a special exterior layer, the hardcoating prevents dents and scratches.  The next layer down is straight phone protection, but it also see through.  The 3rd layer down…yes there’s a 3rd…is another layer just in case the 1st two don’t work.  Below that is a display that is shock resistant followed by a sturdy aluminum encasement that is warrantied for 4 years!  Not too shabby.

Battery life.  Supposedly 48 hours.  I’ll believe this when I see it, but Motorola is stating that the new Droid Turbo 2 can last for more than 12 hours after a 15 minute speed charge session, or 48 hours on a full charge.  Watch video for hours straight and you will not last the 48 hours (obviously).

Customization.  This part’s cool.  Between colors and materials for the phone wrap, you literally have 1,000+ choices to pick from.  Feeling creative?

Droid Turbo 2

It’s a beautiful device with a two week standby time, crazy long (48 hour) battery duration, ridiculous 21 mega pixel camera, and of course a million other features you’d expect from a Droid.  Are you ready for the price?

32 GB – $624   and    64 GB – $720

Wow, those prices are insane.  Here’s the thing about this that bothers me.  This phone is produced for a minuscule amount of money and sold a 100’s of times what it’s actually worth.  And, prices will continue to go up and up as more technology is added, simply because people pay it.  If we refused to pay this stupidly large fee for this phone, manufacturers would lower their price.  However, that will never happen.  Let’s be honest.  Everyone has to has the newest phone so they can be the cool kids on the block and show it off.  That’s fine.  Just be aware you’re promoting more of this.  Beware the $1,000 phone on the horizon, 2 years from now.