Amazon’s Echo Dot

Amazon is still the reigning king, so why wouldn’t they come up with a robot that promotes their brand under the radar.  Maybe it’s not so subtle after all, but Amazon has come out with the Echo Dot, which you can name anything amazon echo dotyou’d like.  It’s a smart little piece of technology.

It’s only a few inches across and responds to voice commands.  The echo can do anything from setting an alarm, to providing the weather, to controlling the temperature in your household.  Sick!  Awesome features on this little sucker.

My roommate bought an Echo Dot and renamed it Cortana (the same name as the robot person from Halo).  He asks Cortana to turn the lights on and off because he’s very lazy and refuses to stand up, walk two feet, and turn them off himself LOL.

Anyways, it sells for $90 normally on Amazon, but as of today – 8/6/16 – the product is temporarily (we hope) sold out.  Everyone wants one of these things and there are thousands of reviews that have appeared in no time on this.  A rather cool device, we believe it’s worth the money.  Our household is about to have two of them because I think I’m going to grab one too as soon as it comes back in stock.

The Echo Dot (also known as “Alexa”) can also read the time, play music by a simply phrase like “play some linkin park”, check your calendar, and more.  Be sure to check it out.  It’s sold out for a reason 😉